Party dresses from 10€

I researched on the Internet and I found some of my favorite dresses for those of you that you don’t know what to wear these festive days. I hope that these dresses will be an inspiration or maybe a purchase that will make you feel that the party is yours. Merry Xmas everyone with love, happiness and health for you and your beloved ones.

H&M 9.90€

Ζara 79.95€

Αsos 75.34€

Αsos, 41.10€

Η&Μ 14,95€

Η&Μ 24,95€

Ζara 35.95€

Ζara 79.95€

H&M 59.95€

Αsos, 68.50€

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  1. Olie
    Olie December 24, 2013 at 4:57 pm | | Reply

    Υπεροχα φορεματα Μαρουλα μου! Ταιριαζουν πολυ τα γουστα μας! Μακαρι τα H&M στη Θεσσαλονικη να τα ειχαν αυτα! 🙂
    xo xo

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