6 tips for your nails

By the esthetician Markella Dimitriadi

1)For long last manicure before you paint your nails, buffer the surface nail and paint them without using base.

2)For fast drying you have to wait 7-10 minutes between the first and the second layer. If you want even faster drying you can buy a top coat and paint your nails with it at the end.

3)For soft skin and less hangnails, once a day, while washing your hands you can mix a tablespoon of sugar with the soap and do a little massage to your hands and around your nails. Wash out and put a hand cream for a perfect result.

4) Shorten the length of your nails only with a paper rasp file and not with a scissors or nail clippes, so you can avoid the peeling nails.

5)To avoid bubbles in the manicure only use polish nails indoors without open windows or aircondition.

6) To avoid developing some fungi on your toe nails you have to be careful when you go for a swim! Walk barefoot as less as you can around the pool or in the sand and wipe the area between the nails very well, so it will be totally dry.

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