My university degree has nothing to do with fashion, but I’ve been involved with it my whole life. Some people say that it’s your mood that defines your everyday outfit, but I truly believe it’s the other way around. This blog will mostly contain photos with my and other people’s outfits that I may find interesting and chic. In my opinion, the key to easily maintaining a stylish kind of dress is not to own many clothes, but to be able to mix them and make various combinations. I always thought of getting dressed as an everyday creative challenge and I very often associate certain situations and moments of my life with certain outfits.

The idea of making this blog came to me in 2011, during the annual Christmas Eve dinner at the house of my friend Elvira. It was then that we started talking  with our friend Isabella about what I intended to do after finishing the university, that she suggested I get started with this blog. She was the one to plant the idea of a fashion blog in my mind, and give me the push I really needed to get going. After that, ideas for the blog started flowing in my head. For days, it was the only conversation topic with my family and closest friends as I was unimaginably enthusiastic and extremely eager for it to come true. Just one week later, on New  Year’s Eve, Elvira gave this blog to me as a present. On that very night, we started taking pictures and collecting material.

I want to thank Isabella and Elvira, because without them, none of this would have happened and this blog would have never been created.

Eventually, because of my need to learn more about the “fashion” theme, I went to Pansik fashion school and study Styling, Visual Merchandising, Fashion Journalism and Make up and I love to make collaborations and photoshootings because I love my job!

That’s it from me! I hope you enjoy!