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Hello lovely followers, how are you? How is your holidays ?  Unfortunately I caught a cold and I’m in bed so I couldn’t go out and take photos of my christmas-y outfits so I  decided to post an article that I made for Marie Claire magazine with the top-55 best leggings. I hope that you’ll like it! Keep partying and dancing and I promise you, when I recover from my illness I will make glamorous posts 😉

Party dresses from 10€

I researched on the Internet and I found some of my favorite dresses for those of you that you don’t know what to wear these festive days. I hope that these dresses will be an inspiration or maybe a purchase that will make you feel that the party is yours. Merry Xmas everyone with love, happiness and health for you and your beloved ones.

H&M 9.90€

Ζara 79.95€

Αsos 75.34€

Αsos, 41.10€

Η&Μ 14,95€

Η&Μ 24,95€

Ζara 35.95€

Ζara 79.95€

H&M 59.95€

Αsos, 68.50€

Top-30 glamorous earrings!!

I searched and I found the most gorgeous, impressive and economic earrings. A pair of them is the key for a shiny night look. Do not forget to complete your looks with accessories because those are the brush that make each of them unique and different! Check out the article on Marie Claire magazine