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Me, the wall and a chair!!

This is the second post from the wall project, more casual and comfortable and I’m excited because I have the real boyfriend jeans. Let’s have a look and tell me what you think!

Jeans: Sisley (men), Flip Flops:Hookipa, Blouse: Bavella, Belt: Badila

The two photos!!

Hello lovely followers! Today’s post is about the 2 photos that I told you from the Whitebox event. They were taken from Irini Michopoulou and you can find her work here

Thank you Irini!


This post had taken place the past month in Whitebox,  in Plaka, Athens. Whitebox is a gallery which has jewelries that are made from Greek designers. Hosting was wonderful and I had a great time surrounded by designers and other bloggers. Each one of the designers had made a gift for a blogger. We also had the opportunity to make a photoshoot with some of these creations  which I will show you in the next post!  For now, let’s see some photos of these beautiful pieces.

You can find here whatever your want from whitebox!

Maria Arvaniti was the designer that made a bracelet for me and these are some of her creations.

That bracelet was my gift!




Cromia fall/winter 2013!

Today I will present you Cromia, the third firm from Act&React press day. Let’s see this collection and tell me what you think!