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Arachova is a place that I really love since my childhood. It is a picturesque place near my village and the ideal destination when you want to make a short excursion from Athens.

On that day, I chose to create a baggy look which is one of my favorites and I prefer it when I know that I will spend all the day outdoors.

Ηello Mister behind me 😛

Just like hats !!

Oh, I have to tell you again that I’m in love with this place!!! Just tell me what you think!! xxx

Jeans: Gloria, Shoes: All Star, T-shirt: Miss- Sixty, Shirt: Badila


Below are some photos of underwear that I found – and really liked- throughout the internet. Most of these items are from the “Intimissimi” brand. We all want to wear sexy underwear because, well, we feel sexier, don’t we?!

And at the end of the day, what about sleeping next to our partner with underwear like these? Be irresistible girls, you know you can 😉








All around Andros Island!! (2nd)

This is the second post which is dedicated to Andros!! Let’s say hello to autumn!!

Hermes, the most beautiful dog!!

sunset from the aegean balcony

Chora, Andros


Saint Peter’s beach!

Playing beach volley with the wind blowing wildly

Name/ Animal/ Plant 😛

Piso Gualia Beach

the miserable photos project!!!

All around Andros Island!! (1st)

Hello my friends!! This is going to be a different post as well as the next one!! These two posts will be dedicated to Andros. I will show you nice places and beaches that I have been all around the island!! I told you I love this Cycladic island and I want to present  you all the details!!

Going to Andros

Achla Beach

Apothikes Beach

Chora, Andros

After the beach

In love with these baskets

Τhis is the uknown sailor monument which is devoted to the sailors who lost their lives in the sea. This square was created in 1958.





Call it what you want!!

This is a casual outfit which I usually wear on the beach but on that day I preferred it for an afternoon walk in my village! Neon fabrics were totally the must of this summer and I really like it!

Flip Flops: Havaianas, Dress: Local shop in Nea Erythraia



Summertime Sadness!!

“I got my red dress on tonight” says Lana…  Well, I worn my red shoes that night. It was another windy night in Andros where I kept singing this “summertime sadness” song along with my sister and my best friend! I chose to combine the red shoes with my earrings and took some photos on these picturesque streets!

Jeans: Benetton, Shoes: Local shop in Andros, T-shirt: Benetton, Earrings: Claire’s